A Debate! Should We Support Dual Members?


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Well it’s been a few weeks since my last meeting, and I’m actually getting ready for the next on Monday.

My last meeting at Maidenhead was an unusual one, as much of the evening involved a debate, and there wasn’t time for “table topics”.

One of the members had attended a public speaking competition in Ireland – and she’d won! This trip had meant some out-of-pocket expense for her, so one of the Maidenhead club members had suggested she be given a contribution towards this from the club.

Sound uncontriversial?

Well the thing was, this person is a member of both the Maidenhead and Windsor clubs – and she’d won the competition on behalf of Windsor, not our club, Maidenhead.

However, Windsor did not have sufficient funds to support the trip. While the member had really represented Windsor in this case, it was suggested the visit had benefitted both clubs – and Maidenhead does have the funds.

The funds it was suggested we use were the proceeds from an event Maidenhead had organised on behalf of local clubs. So it was argued it was appropriate for this purpose.

The comittee had met and were split on whether or not this was the right thing to do, and on the night the club members were fairly undecided too. But everyone who wanted had a chance to have their say, and in the end it was decided the member should be supported with some cash.

It didn’t seem a great deal of money for so much debate, but it was the principle that counted.

Club democracy in action!

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